Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bye bye Lost In Dreams, Hello Lost-id.nl!

I'm quitting Lost In Dreams. So, I've said it. I'm sitting here behind my computer for minutes, thinking of a way to say this but sometimes it seems better to just pull of the bandage all in once. I'm quitting Lost In Dreams, but I'm also starting a new blog on www.lost-id.nl

As you may have noticed, Lost In Dreams has been quite dead for over a month now. There were times before where I didn't wrote any posts for weeks, but this time it felt different. I simply couldn't get myself to start again. I realized that isn't the best attitude to start again so I decided to take a break and to think about if I wanted to continue blogging.

After a short period of time I realized I missed blogging, so that wasn't the problem. As I said before, there were often times in which I didn't put anything up here, with the excuse of lack of time and however this is partly true, there was another important reason for my constantly recurring periods of absence.

I don't like the concept of a fashion blog anymore. Or at least, not only. I want to write about different subjects too, more lifestyle and more personal related subjects for example. I have plenty of ideas, but those aren't suitable for Lost In Dreams as it is now, which results in the fact that I'm constantly absent because of a lack of ideas for new fashion related articles.

So I decided to start with a new blog. I've been putting much thought into it, and it will be a personal blog, with topics arranging from diy, art and fashion, to cooking and lifestyle. I will also keep doing outfit posts and youtube videos. There is only one last but...

The blog will be in Dutch! I came to notice that however my English writing skills are getting better by the week, it still doesn't come as smoothly as Dutch. Because of this, I feel like it's holding me back and as if I can't entirely be myself. Also after a day of reading and writing English for the uni, it feels harder to keep doing that for my blog too. A lot of you guys are Dutch, so I hope you'll take a look on my new blog:)

For those of you who aren't dutch or don't like the idea of me blogging on a different subject, I would say I can understand that. It wouldn't be fair for me to expect that you're just coming with me to my new blog. I will thank those readers for their long period of loyal reading and following, even though I was absent so often!

For those of you who are curious or who want to give me a shot, my new blog is online right now. I cannot take my google friend connect followers and my bloglovin' followers with me, so if you like my new blog you have to follow me over there with bloglovin' (because it's a wordpress blog, following with GFC is impossible). 

My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account will stay the same, as will my Youtube channel. But what will happen to Lost In Dreams? I think I'm going to leave it up here on the internet. I had so much fun blogging for more than two years and it feels unfair to just delete it all. Besides that I like the idea of the possibility of coming back here whenever I feel like it. 

For now I will again thank you all for reading, following and commenting in the last two years, especially those who are with me from the very beginning. I hope you'll take a look at my new blog, but if not, no hard feelings. And for now I guess I can't say anything but farewell and hopefully until next time on www.lost-id.nl!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Instagram 9

An one-eyed sheep cupcake, favorite new Catrice nail polish, the book for my last exam (which I failed), homemade smoothies and melon, my favorite animal (how cute is he?), new comgetfashion.com fur coat, Martinitower in Groningen, my new Iphone cover, enjoying the sun with a glass of white wine, beautiful bracelet I got from a friend of mine <3, more way-to-cute sheep, Primark men sweaters.

I realized it has been a while since I last posted my Instagram pictures, which is probably because I haven't been Instagramming (Is it a verb already?) a lot lately. The collection of pictures above are from almost two months. We visited the petting zoo weeks ago already, therefore the cute pictures of the little lambs. Have I ever told you sheep are my favorite animals? I probably did. And otherwise this post tells you enough, right? 

Monday, April 01, 2013

Primark Creeper wedges

I already showed them in my latest shoplog, but I thought you would probably like a better picture of them. I always liked the regular creepers, but wasn't sure if they really 'fitted' my style. The ones with the wedges really triggered me though, so I was extremely happy when I bumped into them in the Primark. They're incredibly light and comfortable and I can't wait to wear them in an outfit! Unfortunately my boyfriend aka my photographer has injured his knee quite badly, which also means that it gets difficult to shoot outfit pictures. But I don't want to get ahead of myself so just keep checking my blog. I will do updates anyway. What do you think of my new creeper wedges?